Mixer grinder 500 watts vs 700 watts

Is there anyone who doesn’t know what the blender or mixer is? We are noticing and hearing about sharp grind since our childhood. Mixing grinder is the most basic equipment in our kitchen, and we can’t do without it even our basic cooking.

Now, if you are a novice who uses a mixer or an experienced veteran in the field of kitchen utensils, we guarantee that you will learn one or two knowledge about choosing the best blender. So read on!

A grinder or mixer is an essential device or need; it has become necessary and imperative for every kitchen. It’s like a nightmare for you if you don’t find this item in your kitchen.

Over the years, you can see a significant change in mixer grinders such as quality, size, designs, and especially space which it takes. They become smaller, lighter, and easier to use. Considering the modern kitchen settings in the home, manufacturers have also regarded as visual plea when designing them. Let’s take a look at the factors to consider before buying a hybrid grinder.

Choose the right power and speed:

When you buy the new mixer grinder, the very first thing you have to observe is wattage. If you select a higher power grinder like 750 watts is sufficient as compared to the 500 watts higher power can get used to grinding hard ingredients at a faster rate.

There are some factors to consider while buying a new mixer grinder. Power and speed are the two main important factors among them. 750watts is ideal for kitchen use. Make sure to choose a higher power supply to acquire the desired effect.

Another imperative aspect is speed, which gets calculated in revolutions per minute (RPM). It tells you how many times the blade rotates in a minute. There are particular buttons to adjust the speed of the grinder. It is useful when you want to mix or mix things in a liquid or semi-liquid form because it needs to be low to medium speed.


For households, any value from 18000 to 23000 RPM is sufficient in grinders. At higher revolutions per minute, liquids or spices may not be adequately mixed or ground. Remember always look for a high-quality mixer grinder with speed controllers to change the speed according to your requirement.


When you choose a mixture grinder, then you must know that this item which you are purchasing is according to your need or not. In markets, you see many mixing mills with different qualities and now a day, especially you find grinder with 2-3 jars with various capacities. You can use one ground spice, one for making chutney, and the other for making juice. Heavy-duty body and break-resistant cover are necessary to endure the daily wear and tear of the kitchen.


The blade is an essential part of the mixer grinder, which plays an important role and does all work. So it is entirely meaningful to demonstrate its quality. The material should be stainless steel, and the grade of steel is outstanding because it tells you whether the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. The high-quality steel blade can also maintain the sharpness for a long time.


Most of the companies provide a good warranty for their products, but you must consider a good one for your quality product. When choosing a model, you should check the 2 to 5-year warranty. Look for an additional guarantee for electric motors.

Most mixture grinders and food processors have a warranty consists of two years. During the warranty period, mixers and food processors only provide a warranty against manufacturing defects related to motors, blades, etc.


Last but not the least important! The price of a hybrid grinder depends on the features it provides to you and the overall quality. There are some cheap options on the market, but they may not have the best features.


Compared with 500-watt mixers, 750-watt mixers are more expensive. However, they get generally found to be more sturdy, and their jars are also more durable than 500-watt mixing mixers.

The difference is between the wattage of the motor. In short, higher power means that the machine produces a higher RPM and spends less time grinding any items.

Compared to 500W, the jars are large enough to hold more ingredients in the 750W mixer at the same time. So the conclusion is before some time mixture grinder 500W was performing well, but within the time everything is getting improve and more updated. Now, 750W grinder has taken the place of the old one and more features and durable as compared to the old one.


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